Basement planning permission is the first stage that needs to be undertaken. We offer a full in-house design service and planning consent approval by our basement architects. There are many aspects to consider when undertaking a basement project. There are so many uses that a basement can be utilised for, including, extra living space, bedrooms, media rooms, etc. Our basement architect can discuss these with you.
One of the most important things to be taken into consideration when designing the basement is the use of light, both natural and artificial. The layout should reflect this and determine where the rooms and windows are situated.
Basement courtyards allow more light in than standard window light-wells These can often be situated to the rear of the property and access to the rear garden is potentially possible in most cases.
Artificial lighting is very important too, and the phrase that you cannot see the source of a good lighting design is something to take into account.
The structural design is again something to be carefully considered, especially in regards to what walls are load bearing and whether they are to be continued down into the basement. Also, the ground conditions, water table, trees, underground services and access need to be taken into account. the other thing that has to be taken into account is the number of underground tube lines. Although these are at a great depth permission has to be obtained from the relevant bodies.
Basement planning permission varies from borough to borough, each with their own set of guidelines and regulations.
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