Designing a floor plan is a piece of cake now a days. Things however are not the same if that floor is the basement of your house. Unlike other floors in a building, a basement is usually devoid of natural light and ventilation – thanks to its location. Despite this, architect are spatial geniuses and have been able to regulate the flow of light and air effectively inside the bottom-most portion of the house.

Here are some things you should consider while designing a basement layout.

  1. THE ARCHITECT: If you intend to excavate an underground floor, you should definitely contact an experienced architect in the first place. The architect will help you identify the flaws in your desired design, will come up with innovative solutions to cater the highlighted issues and will effectively contribute toward the overall integrity of your house.
  2. THE LIGHTING: One prominent issue is that of lighting in basements. The design must board the need of maximizing natural light into the room as well as a nifty artificial lighting scheme. This is normally done by incorporating windows close to the ceiling of the basement, as that’s only region where sunlight may directly find its way into the room. If that is not achievable, a skylight is fitted which reflects diffused light from the floor above.
  3. VENTILATION: Living in a place where flow of air is confined and unregulated is analogous to self-suffocation. This is exactly why ventilation is a highly important consideration in basement design. The entrances and structural design of the room are to be drawn in a way that the room remain as light and airy as possible and there are easily-accessible exits in case of emergency evacuation. To accomplish this, air flow is maintained by regulating the pressure via the internal design and spacing between the walls. And this is one of those many places where fluid dynamics come in handy.
  4. MATERIAL AND BUDGET: Material to be used for construction is to be determined such that it can withstand the load above and goes in line with temperature and other environmental conditions. The budget greatly depends upon the material in use, which’s why material selection must be done very carefully. The proposed basement layout can affect the cost by a sizeable amount. This is down to the amount of structural work that will be required. The more open plan the design of the basement, the more walls there will be to support on the ground floor and above, and thus more structural steelwork to be installed.

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