Planning Permission

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Our clients are usually excited when they see the plans for their new basement build or basement conversion coming together in the early stages of consultation with the Capital Basements in-house design team. It is the first step on the road to opening up your living space underground – a blank canvas of extra living space at your disposal to do with what you will.

When planning a basement construction our basement architect takes into account a myriad of factors, from the use you plan for the new room/s and how the area will be accessed to the structural design of the entire property. Things like the ground conditions, water table, proximity of trees, power cables, water pipes and even the tube tunnels all have to be taken into account.

It takes a specialist basement architect to compile plans for a basement conversion or new basement excavation, and ensure the plans will not be stalled when it comes to getting permission for building from the local authorities. Our design team have a thorough knowledge and plenty of experience of planning basements in the various boroughs of London and surrounding areas where we operate. We know the different requirements for the council areas, and what consents are likely to be required for your bespoke plan.

We also know the building regulations applicable to basements, which cover factors like ventilation, drainage, ceiling heights, damp proofing, electrical wiring, water supplies and so on. Because we deal with these issues on a daily basis, we also know how to handle party wall agreements and the guidelines for the right of support of adjoining properties.

In fact, we take on the brunt of all the possible pitfalls when it comes to planning permission for your new basement, and because of our expertise we are generally able to steer the plans through to the construction stage without any problems.

Fortunately there are fewer planning restrictions relating to basement conversions than there are to above-ground extensions in most of the areas where we construct basements, because little is visible above the ground. The planning restrictions pertain more towards minimising the disruption, noise and inconvenience caused around the construction site. Being considerate contractors we are able to satisfy these conditions.

Our planning team keep you informed every step of the way, and should any adjustments to the plans be necessary, these will be fully explained to you and discussed before construction work commences.

We’re in the basement business to make it as stress-free as possible for you to maximise the subterranean potential of your house or commercial building. You can trust us – as have many other satisfied clients – to project manage the installation of your basement from start to finish, planning stage, planning permission, excavation, and construction – without you having to lift a finger or suffer any headaches.

Contact us as soon as possible if you want more room to enjoy life. The sooner you call, the sooner you will be admiring your very own basement build.