Basement Conversions

Basement Conversions London & The Home Counties

The design of a basement is not a simple matter. It goes far beyond a floor plan and deciding where the access should be. Building a basement requires careful planning, from an initial site survey and exploratory work to the detailed structural design and waterproofing system. Each aspect of the design process is inter-related, which means it requires a team approach, with a pooling of roles and responsibilities, to interpret the client’s ideas.

This is why if you decide to add a basement to a building it is best to put the entire project into the hands of a professional company with the specialist skills and expertise to design and execute the construction, including an architect and structural engineer.

Capital Basements has the ability to appropriately design basements for all sorts of purposes, under all sorts of properties. Each basement design is unique, because there are so many factors involved which have to be considered and provided for in the design – everything from the soil and ground water conditions to the pertinent building regulations and the proposed use of the basement room or rooms.

Our team of experts work smoothly together to collaborate on designing the best possible basement for your needs. We are committed to turning your vision into a reality, and if there are snags to overcome to accomplish this, we will work hard to come up with innovative solutions so that we can fulfil your wishes.

We have become well known in greater London and the surrounding counties for this commitment to customer service and our attention to detail when it comes to designing new build basements and basement conversions.

At the outset of the design development process we will need to know what you propose to use your new basement space for. There are different grades and systems of waterproofing and structural construction suitable for different uses. For instance, a basement car park can accommodate some slight seepage, whereas a quality-finished living room or kitchen needs to be totally water-tight.

Similarly, early in the design stage we need to decide on lighting and ventilation requirements, and how these will be accommodated. If you require some natural light and fresh air to enter your basement, we will add the features to the design to achieve this in the form of light wells, solar tubes, windows or a glazed door to the outside.

We also have to take into account your budget for the basement, particularly when designing the structural work. The basement layout has a big impact on the cost of construction. The more open plan the basement space is, for example, the more will have to be spent on labour and structural steel to support the walls in the building above.

Starting a basement building project with well-formulated structural and design plans in place will make the construction process quicker, easier and less prone to delivering nasty surprises to delay completion. We also plan ahead for deliveries and rubble removal at off-peak times, so as to limit the disruption caused in the basement building process to you, your family and the neighbourhood.

Call us without delay so that we can start turning your ideas into a viable plan for your new basement!