Benefits of A New Basement

It is not difficult to see the advantages of building a basement or converting an existing uninhabitable cellar into a dry, light living or working space.

The main benefit of a basement is increasing the square area of your home or building, and being able to utilise that extra space to improve your lifestyle or work experience.

Here at Capital Basements we have taken on and fulfilled a wide variety of clients’ briefs, and each job makes us more inspired about the benefits of building a bespoke basement.

The space you can gain by adding a basement to a building goes beyond the footprint of the building itself. You can extend underground into the garden area, out of sight and without losing any outdoor space, meaning your expansion will not encroach on any neighbour’s views. There is no better way to maximise the use of available land.

Modern methods of construction mean you can build a basement beneath just about any house or commercial building, without compromising its integrity. You can have an interior staircase, or direct access from outside, with egress windows and the use of light wells or solar tubes to capture natural light. In fact, your basement will not only be light and bright but also safe and secure, insulated from noise and protected from the elements.

Adding a basement will almost certainly increase the value of a property, whatever use it is put to, because extra space means a higher asking price, particularly if the finish is done to a high standard. Most of our clients are opting to create basement space in areas with high property prices – London and surrounds – because it is more profitable than moving to a larger property, and certainly less trouble.

The joy of basements for the more creative among us is that you can style it any way you like. Let your imagination take flight, and create an ultra-modern sanctuary underneath your Victorian home. You can toss conventional interior design rules out of the window when you descend to decorate your basement.

There are, of course, considerable environmental benefits to extending your property via a basement, as opposed to constructing extensions above ground. Even our ancestors knew and appreciated the insulating qualities of basements, which provided a stable temperature through all seasons for the storage of wine, apples, potatoes and other perishable items. The way we build our basements today makes them impervious to moisture and highly energy efficient, particularly when it comes to thermal performance.

By moving living space underground basements are allowing for increased population density in areas highly pressured for space, which in the long run will hopefully reduce the need to build on valuable greenfield land, meaning basements are doing their bit for the environment. More people can live more comfortably in a smaller area if they dig their dwellings down.

There is little doubt that building a basement is a win-win situation. If you want to find out more about the process contact Capital Basements today for a no-obligation consultation about how a basement could benefit your life.