Basement Lighting

A crucial part of basement construction is the lighting. Light, whether it be natural or artificial, needs to be incorporated into the project right from the outset, because it is this aspect that will bring the dark, dead space alive. This is why Capital Basements offers a full in-house lighting and AV design service to our commercial and residential customers, to complement our basement conversions and builds.

Our professional, highly qualified lighting and AV specialists understand light, design and technology, and put them to work together to enhance your beautiful basement and render it suitable for the purpose you are having it built.

Our lighting experts will consult with you right at the start of the project to get a feel for what visual effects and lighting moods you envision in your basement space. You will find us very experienced and adept at interpreting your ideas, and we’ll light up your life to perfection.

Far from being daunted by the challenge of lighting up a basement, our keen and imaginative lighting experts can create the right ambience by clever use of lighting effects. There are dozens of discreet lighting options, such as track lighting, recessed ceiling can lights, up-lighting, wall lights or table lamps. You could even grow plants in your basement by using grow-lights.

The artificial lighting for your basement will be chosen, with your approval, according to the room’s function and your budget. A home theatre, for example, needs more high-tech lighting than a basement that is to be used as a laundry room or wine cellar.

It is essential that the lighting design be in place before the electrical first fix stage of your basement conversion, after the main construction underpinning is complete and the waterproof membrane system has been installed.

Many of our clients are surprised to learn that it is possible to bring natural light into a basement, even if it has no ground level egress windows. The most popular natural light solution for basements is to excavate a light well that can accommodate a light shaft, designed to capture and direct as much light into the room as possible. This not only reduces energy costs but also improves the atmosphere in the subterranean room.

Another way to channel light into the basement is by means of solar tubes, which direct light from the roof or exterior wall using mirrors into the dark areas.

Natural light is particularly important for basement conversions that are to be used as a kitchen, living room or craft area.

When we initially plan your basement conversion the lighting specialists will be on board to explain the options for bringing in natural light, such as extending the basement out to the garden space and roofing the exterior section with re-inforced walk-on glazing.

Lighting up your basement conversion is one of the most exciting parts of the project, and it needs to be done to perfection to make a complete success of the build. Our sensitive and efficient approach to lighting is one of the reasons why Capital Basements have the reputation for being the best for basement construction in the London and Home Counties area.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the most important aspect of a successful basement construction. There are many ways to light a basement with natural light, from light wells that can have either windows or doors to external courtyard areas, or from sun light tubes and a mirror shaft.

Artificial Lighting

It is crucial to get this aspect correct, and is an exciting part of the basement planning. Different moods that can be created with a dual basement lighting system. LED spotlights give a crisp white light and the LED wall wash system creates a much softer atmosphere.