We offer a Free Quote Service where you can call or message us to discuss your ideas and we can answer any queries you have, by appointment we visit your property and from there draw up a quote. The meeting is one on one with our director, after the meeting, our team draw up a quote for you with a breakdown of costs.

There are many variables that influence the cost of a basement project: here are a few examples of the factors we consider:

  • How many light wells are needed, and at what size?
  • Is external access required?
  • What is the desired headroom? (2.4 is usually the minimum)
  • What internal lighting is required?
  • What are the ground conditions like? Is the floor below the water table?
  • Is drainage needed for showers and toilets?
  • Do you require underfloor heating?
  • What level of access is there to the basement for removing the spoil?

Rough guidelines are as follows, which are also dependent on size and ground conditions:

  • Excavating a retrofit basement or basement dugout where no basement exists, underpinning the walls for 2/3 rooms plus a shower room: From £120,000.00
  • Excavating and casting a basement on a new build property: From £150,000.00

Excavating and installing a basement swimming pool: From £600,000.00