Choosing to construct a basement offers multiple benefits as a homeowner.

At Capital Basements, we relish meeting client briefs and creating the home of their dreams that is bespoke and designed to increase and improve living space.

Here are some benefits that basements allow you to reap:

  • If you love your home but would like more living space, extending with a basement allows that option without any costs associated with relocating to a larger property.
  • Basements can provide a sanctuary as noise pollution is reduced below ground floor making excellent bedrooms or offices.
  • Basements are easy to heat as the design of a basement is naturally insular.
  • Often basements are bigger than the footprint of the property as they utilise the hallway areas.
  • A basement do not have to conform to the style of the rest of the property so they can be exactly what you want them to be.
  • The options for basements are extensive, one attractive option is extending out to the garden.
  • External access to the basement can be created which is a useful and viable option when creating a self-contained area beneath your home
  • Basements are not dark like suspected; Capital Basements offer a full in-house Lighting Service where specialists design and install lighting suited to create a natural and effective result.