Capital Basements offer a full in-house Lighting and AV Design Service to commercial and residential customers. Our Lighting Design and AV Specialists are focused on creating the most spectacular visual effects to suit any mood or feeling. Lighting is discussed at the beginning of the project where our designer will discuss in detail how we can incorporate your light preferences and requirements into the project plans.

The Shining Light Design needs to be done before the electrical first fix stage, and after the main construction underpinning is completed and the waterproof membrane system has been installed. The shining light and AV designer will go through the proposed plans with you on a room by room basis, and discuss in detail what will give the most effective and creative effect. He will discuss the types of Lamps, Transformers, Drivers and controls together with the positioning and installation of each fitting. For maximum flexibility dimmer or scene setting details can be included depending on the individual requirements.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the most important aspect of a successful basement construction. There are many ways to light a basement with natural light, from light wells that can have either windows or doors to external courtyard areas, or from sun light tubes and a mirror shaft.

Artificial Lighting

It is crucial to get this aspect correct, and is an exciting part of the basement planning. Different moods that can be created with a dual basement lighting system. LED spotlights give a crisp white light and the LED wall wash system creates a much softer atmosphere.